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almost 7 years ago

2 Days To Go!

We are seeing submissions pour in and are excited to see the final entries in the next couple of days.  We know some of you are holding out till the last minute. Here are some reminders for you and others on this final stretch!

Remember that your video is key in convincing the judges to take a closer look at your project, and is limited to 90 seconds max. Don't submit a longer video or you will be disqualified right out of the gate, and we sure don't want that to happen.  For more info on this, see our "How You Can Win" update.

NO late submissions will be accepted.  By all means, push till Dec. 1st to get your final submission and changes in, but whatever you do, do not wait too long!  11:45 PM Mountain Standard Time is the cuttoff. We recommend getting your submissions in right now, and then edit them as you see fit up until the deadline. 

Some of you are new to Devpost. Please note that filling out and saving your project details does NOT enter it into the RootsTech hack-a-thon. You must click the big green button that says "Submit to RootsTech Innovator Showdown" in order for us to see it.  Make absolutely sure you do this by tomorrow at 11:45 PM!  We have decided not to make submissions visible to everyone until next week. To verify that indeed your project has been officially entered for RootsTech, under your user profile click on portfolio, click on your project, and look an the right column.  It should say "Submitted To" and should list "RootsTech Innovator Showdown".

The sooner you get your submission in, the sooner you might get feedback from us about any issues we see.  We'll be available online leading up to the 11:45 PM deadline, but be aware that if we spot an issue at 11:40 (like a video that is too long), you won't have time to fix it before the cutoff.

You are welcome to continue development on your projects up until pretty much the day of the contest and final round (Februaray 10th).  However, the initial judging and selection of semi-finalists will be based on whatever you submit on Dec. 1st, as that judging process will begin promptly on the 2nd.

Good luck to you all.  We are honored to have you participating in this unique event!


The RootsTech Team