•   about 7 years ago

Late submission

I submitted a project for the RootsTech hackathon, and unfortunately, though I started the submission on time, I didn't finish it on time. Is it possible to have my project in the running, please? I'd hate for the work to go to waste!


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  • Manager   •   about 7 years ago

    Cassidy, it's worth asking for sure, but unfortunately we can't break our own rules or we get into some trouble. So sorry about that. We really don't want to discourage you though. We plan to do this annually and hope to see you then. But also, you should consider coming to RootsTech, perhaps get in the Innovator Ally, which is a "mini booth" with a lot of attention on new tech in the industry.

    Here is the post that explains our deadline, FWIW: https://rootstech.devpost.com/updates/6370-2-days-to-go

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