•   almost 7 years ago


How do I make a submission for the Innovators Showdown? We would like to enter our product.

"The hackathon managers haven't published this gallery yet, but hang tight! In the meantime, follow Devpost on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our blog. We promise you won't be disappointed."

Thanking you in advance, your help is highly appreciated.



  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    We have several projects submitted but we've not published them publicly yet (probably will next week). However, I don't see yours in my list. What was the name of your project?

  •   •   almost 7 years ago

    "Upload a file as part of your submission - e.g., zip, pdf, word, apk, etc. "

    what is this in addition to the Project Page? there's no .apk file needed.

    please advise.

  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Optional. It's just for those that wanted to upload an apk for droid, but that is one of many possible ways developers make their apps available.

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