•   almost 7 years ago

Tips and reminder

There's no mention of the importance of a functional prototype. How crucial is this in the judging process? It seems like most time should be spent on the video and pitching?


  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Without a video you won't be allowed in the contest. Without a prototype you probably won't have enough substance to become a finalist.

  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Devpost (as far as I understand) actually requires real software in all their hack-a-thons. See the Submissions Requirements section of the rules page, a software application is required. I believe they do this to insure submissions are real, not just slides and ideas.

    RootsTech then takes the approach Matt mentioned above.

  •   •   almost 7 years ago

    Yes but to what extent.
    Is the prototype checked? Is there a code check? Etc.
    If the judges aren't going to consider how much of the idea is actually functional, then maybe a quick broken prototype may suffice.

  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    ah, I see. I know for sure there is no code check. Our judging panel has historically done checks on prototypes and apps, the extent of which depends on where they are in the judging process.

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